Measuring Patient´s Complexity and Stability. In Real-Time.


We know that the human body is a super complex system of systems. Today, with technology from Ontomed it is actually possible to measure this complexity and to visualize and track its structure. In real-time. We research and deliver unique model-free technology and tools that analyze streaming multi-channel data - including all channel interactions - and process it to measure the instantaneous degree of complexity of a patient in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Operating Room (OR). Our goal is to deliver new knowledge and better understanding of the dynamics of the human body from a holistic and systemic perspective.


early-warnings in icu and or

Data in an ICU is complex and of dynamical nature. It is characterized by strong variability and is highly non-stationary, presenting couplings of varying degree between the different channels. Our complexity-based technology allows one to capture and integrate different OR or ICU-specific data to generate a single, holistic measure which is indicative of patient stability.

A first step in the process of measuring the complexity of data originating from various monitoring devices is to establish a map of the relationships between various data channels. This is done in real-time via a proprietary algorithm.  An example of such map is shown below and a detail is illustrated below.

Complexity Map of a hospitalized patient.

Complexity Map of a hospitalized patient.

Complexity maps offer a unique and novel representation of organ interactions, indicating those responsible for increased complexity. Sharp increases in complexity provide formidable early warning indications of impending crises or instabilities

Our real-time early warning solution - iCOMS - is available on Android smartphones. It processes ICU data and computes the complexity of a patient, providing alarms which, in general precede problems. The bar chart ranks vital signs indicating those responsible for a particular crisis or instability.

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